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【Radio】Mentioned on "叱吒903今日正Look At Me", 14-08-2015 CRHK FM90.3 Channel

TSANGFANYU is mentioned from 1:15 - 3:55 in a local radio program《今日正 Look At Me》at FM90.3 Channel by Commercial Radio Hong Kong(881903.com商業電台) at 6PM-8PM, 14th August 2015 (Friday).

Thanks for the comments of YONよん Collection and the 5cm X YDC sneakers!!!

(Sorry this video is only available in Cantonese Chinese)

Radio credit to 《今日正 Look At Me》.

叱吒903《今日正 Look At Me》Facebook Page/


Commercial Radio Hong Kong(CRHK) FM90.3 Channel Official Website/

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