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【Radio】Mentioned on "叱吒903今日正Look At Me", 14-08-2015 CRHK FM90.3 Channel

TSANGFANYU is mentioned from 1:15 - 3:55 in a local radio program《今日正 Look At Me》at FM90.3 Channel by Commercial Radio Hong Kong(881903.com商業電台) at 6PM-8PM, 14th August 2015 (Friday).

Thanks for the comments of YONよん Collection and the 5cm X YDC sneakers!!!

(Sorry this video is only available in Cantonese Chinese)

Radio credit to 《今日正 Look At Me》.

Check Here to visit the Menswear Collection Photos.

叱吒903《今日正 Look At Me》Facebook Page/


Commercial Radio Hong Kong(CRHK) FM90.3 Channel Official Website/

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